Easy 260


What is Easy260? 

It makes crafting with different htv a cinch!!
Forget about the charts with many numbers of temperature. Just simply set 260 degrees for all iron-ons and focus on the rest!

All HTV Crafts’ iron-on vinyl adheres at a standard temperature/time combination of 260°F for 30 seconds. Just set your press to 260 degrees and hold the vinyl to your material for 30 seconds. It’s that simple!

Forget about those temperature charts, apply the exact same heat setting for glitter, matte, glow in the dark, metallic and all our Easy260 products!!

It is noteworthy that the lower temperature needed, the more diverse material you can create with. That's why HTV Crafts' Vinyls are compatible with most materials. You can now transfer your design to Silk,Acrylic,Spandex,Nylon, etc with our Easy260 iron-on vinyl!

🎁Try some samples out before ordering regular rolls!
Get a package contains over 10 strips(12"x3") of our iron-on products and a color chart by paying only $5.99 for shipping!
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